ABOUT "Yasuke Fuji Yasuke-Fuji"

"2nd half -built specialty store"

ABOUT "2nd Heart Bat"

In Japan, the "Hanetsu" is a kind of kimono that has been worn as everyday clothes and work clothes since the Edo period.
The appearance gradually faded, and now it is no longer a plating event due to festivals and other events.
However, in 2015, the second chapter of the half -coat began as everyday clothes.
A modern design that inherited the style of Edo. This is called "second half -built" and revives here.
Yasuke's second half is a new style of a new style that focuses on Japanese products from fabric to sewing, and exquisitely combines Japanese traditional technology and modern design.


Yasuke's half -piece is committed to lining and pursues a "Uramasari" design that makes you feel the style of Edo.

During the Edo period, the Shogunate's frequently emitted density ban (luxury prohibition Ordinance) prohibit the Kimono's material, design, and color scheme to wear gorgeous things in Edo, and the fashionable and unique personality. It was thought that stiffening on the lining was smart and stylish. Please enjoy not only the table but also the “Edo's style that is elaborate in an invisible place”.